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Cooling Module

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Cooling Module
Cooling modules are applied in integrated cooling of cooling water, lubricating oil and charge air in vehicle cooling system, lubricating system and charge air intake system. The heating side of the module is cooling water, lubricating oil and charge air respectively while the cooling side of the module is ambient air. Cooling air during driving of the vehicle is driven by the fan or natural air speed to pass through the cooling side of each component in the cooling module. After forced convection and heat transfer, residual heat in cooling water, lubricating oil and charge air at the heat side of the cooling module is brought away to ensure that the vehicle can work under a suitable temperature. This can improve overall performance of the vehicle, save energy and reduce consumption. In particular, in order to meet European emission level III or above, the product must be optimized in configuration to meet overall performance requirements.
The main body of cooling module is made of metal materials such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel. The cooling modules can be manufactured by welding or assembling of 2-4 water/oil/air heat exchangers with separate air cooling mechanism. Some products may even include fan, air director, metal frame and other components. Heat exchangers with independent air cooling mechanism has such structures as flat tube, tube fin, bar plate and other air cooling structures. This product features compact structure, high heat radiating efficiency, light weight and reasonable costs.


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