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4th BU held training For young cadres


国产自在现线拍18岁 January 13 -15, the 4th BU (Passenger Car Al Oil Cooler), total of 43 people including the management team participate in the first training 2017 in Yinlun Business School(YinZhiYuan Garden). The theme of the training is how to closely integrate individual development and the company growth.

Mr. Xu Xiaomin, chairman of the company,  party secretary Chai Zhonghua, GM Wei and Yinlun consultants Mr. Zhang Xiping all joined as the teachers.

Chairman Xu shared the company's development process and vision, and required the 4th BU in the second venture: one is to ensure that existing products to achieve 0PPM, the second is to innovate business model, the third is to create more value for customers. At the same time we also put forward the expectations --- dare to be responsible, dare to innovate and the third is to study diligently.



Mr. Wei, general manager of Yinlun shared his own experience through school to work and how to combine the personal career planning & development of the company. He encouraged people to learn, and strive to change themselves to meet the needs of competition. We all should seize the 2nd venture as very great opportunity to love the job and the team so as to realize our value.



Mr. Chai, Secretary of the Party Committee, started with the sharing of the energy of success and told everyone how to become an influential (and energy) leader.



Zhang Xiping, advisor of Yinlun, shares the development journey of Yinlun, made ue deeply appreciate Yinlun's development to today's scale and visibility is not so easy, so that we would further understand the importance of establishment, inheritance and promote corporate culture. He encouraged students to embrace change, adapt to change and the positively innovation!




Division GM Xu's speech


BU vice president Chen chairs the class


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Group leader


Team building



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