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Based on the theory of lean manufacture, by incorporating management mode of famous enterprises and modern management methods such as DBS, CBS, 6Sigma, 7-Step, 8D and QSB, and according to the actual conditions of Yinlun, Yinlun has developed on its own a kind of management model with the obvious characteristics of Yinlun. That is YBS, namely Yinlun business system. It includes not only manufacturing management, but also management and control over the whole process of production and operation of enterprises from enterprise strategy to marketing.
>> Origin of YBS
>> YBS Yinlun Business System
Yinlun Business System (YBS)
 YBS (Yinlun business system) is a kind of business system of Yinlun based on the philosophical idea of “keep improving” that implants the core value of enterprise deeply in the operation process of the enterprise and each functional department, in order to well realize customer satisfaction. It not only includes lean production, but also covers strategic planning, employee training, customer service, and product development. In short, it involves every link of the enterprise.
Customer satisfaction is the starting point of YBS system, which aims to realize the virtuous circle of values of the shareholders, customers and employees. The implementation process of YBS is also gradual evolution from collection of lean manufacturing tools to a way of thinking, numbers in group, as well as a series of management process used to uniformly define Yinlun members, methods and behaviors.
Characteristics of YBS
  YBS will have two unique characteristics:
Firstly, it really defines our enterprise culture and enterprise features. That is to say, it defines our acts and way of acts, i.e. our daily business model. One of the key factors of our success is that we will have a systematic model covering both soft environment and hard environment. In this model, the soft environment and hard environment complement each other.
Secondly, YBS runs through our organization from top to bottom. Our management team will grow together with this system. The system will be deeply implanted in our core value. This system originates from our manufacturing department, but will affect all the functional department of this enterprise. It is a part of our integral long-term business model.
2.Connection with Yinlong’s Value in Action

 By faithfully adhering to our values in action, Yinlun’s operation system will help Yinlun realize its vision and business strategy for 2010.

Enterprise spirit Company charter 15 guiding principles
3.Reform of YBS: 3

 YBS combines the 3 subsystems that are crucial to continuous improvement.

Adopt 6 Sigma and lean manufacturing tools to eliminate waste; build measuring method management structure that supports continuous improvement .
4. 3 Subsystems of YBS

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